Create Your Own Multitool.

Yes, a customizable multitool.

18 tool attachments: Standard Knife, Pliers, Scissors, Nail File, Tweezers, Thin Flathead Screwdriver, Phillips-Head Screwdriver, Eyeglass Phillips-Head Screwdriver, Eyeglass Flathead Screwdriver, Wood Saw, Serrated Blade, Corkscrew, Combination Bottle Opener/Flathead Screwdriver, Combination Can Opener/Wire Stripper, Pen, Magnifying Glass, LED Flashlight, 1GB USB Memory Stick.

A Challenger Enters The Ring.

Man, getting me to put permanent words down is hard.

Arianna Mae Challenger, Take One
Calling: Daredevil
Nature: Gambler
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
God: Dionysus

Str 3, Epic 2, Dex 4, Epic 2, Stamina 4, Epic 2.
Cha 4, Epic 1 Man 2, App 3, Epic 1.
Per 3, Int 2, Wits 2.

Art 1, Athletics 3, Brawl 3, Control 4, Craft 1, Fortitude 4, Investigation 2, Medicine 1, Presence 3, Science 2, Stealth 3, Survival 3, Thrown 3.

Birthrights: Relic 1: A small medallion on a chain, with a die in the center of it. The die can spin freely along one axis. The 6 and 1 are pinned. Grants access to Chaos. Followers 3: Maenads. Her party crew/pit crew. Stats of Amazons. What, 3 of them, I figure? Guide 1: Her manager. Actually trustworthy. Strange, but true.

Knacks: Crushing Grip(STR), Holy Bound(STR), Cat's Grace(DEX), Monkey Climber(DEX), Damage Conversion(STA), Self Healing(STA), Body Armor(STA), Center of Attention(Cha), Never Say Die(APP). (It's Super Dave Osbourne!)

Boons: Chaos 2.

Virtues: Expression 3, Intellect 2, Valor 4, Vengance 1.

Legend 3.

Willpower 7
(Insert story about the volcano)

I was tempted to skip the Boon, and just have her go pure Stats, and have no contact with a godly father at all.

Zen Parable to remember.
There was once a man who was being chased by a ferocious tiger across a field. At the edge of the field there was a cliff. In order to escape the jaws of the tiger, the man caught hold of a vine and swung himself over the edge of the cliff. Dangling down, he saw, to his dismay, there were more tigers on the ground below him! And, furthermore, two little mice were gnawing on the vine to which he clung. He knew that at any moment he would fall to certain death. That's when he noticed a wild strawberry growing on the cliff wall. Clutching the vine with one hand, he plucked the strawberry with the other and put it in his mouth.

He never before realized how sweet a strawberry could taste.